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October 22, 2004
When will our leaders begin to lead?

Editor: To build or not to build the cross country road has been the political debate occupying the political divide and ripping at the core of the nation’s neighbourliness.

Why can’t grown, mature people, who are elected leaders do what is right? It is common sense that any sensible people going to undertake any major project must satisfy certain requirements before jumping ahead with the start of such a project, without knowing what the impact will be. In this case, what will be the economic, ecological and/or other effects on our beloved country. {{more}}

The egos of our leaders are getting in the way of the progress of the country, and the healing of the wounds opened during the two latest general elections. We must ask ourselves this simple question: Are we satisfied that the government has done all that is necessary to ensure the proposed cross-country road is a justifiably endeavour?

There is no one in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (not even the leader of the Opposition) against the construction of the cross-country road; for there is not enough information available for anyone to make such a determination. People are against the manner in which the implementers of the project are proceeding. With such an extensive, intensive and costly project, is this not a reasonable and justifiable concern of the people to ensure our leaders make informed decisions?

I am frightened for my country. For, on both sides of the political spectrum there are people benefiting financially and otherwise by facilitating and enhancing the political divide among the people of S.V.G. These people are regarded as seekers of fortune and fame who feathered their nests with the shrubs of money and attention gained by inspiring hatred, victimization and the decline of our hospitality.

I pray that common sense will


Allan Palmer