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October 15, 2004
Congratulations to Kamal Woods

Editor: I wish to express, through this medium, my heartfelt congratulations to Kamal Woods for his award of excellence

in this year’s CXC General Proficiency Examinations.{{more}}

This is indeed a significant milestone for Kamal, the principal, staff and students of the St. Vincent Grammar School, his parents and indeed the nation as a whole.

Achieving such a prestigious regional award is not an easy feat and we ought to be duly proud, particularly as we are now celebrating “Youth Month” and our 25th anniversary of independence.

I must, however, express profound disappointment with the print media in not considering this achievement significant enough to necessitate front page coverage. Had Kamal been a national of any other Caribbean country, his remarkable accomplishment would have undoubtedly received the media’s attention that it so justly deserves.

It is time that reporters give precedence to stories that reflect the pride, aspirations and achievements of our people. Let us not hesitate in the future to give prominence to stories that would serve to elevate us as a nation and our young people specifically.

Cherly Thomas