Our Readers' Opinions
October 8, 2004

Where are the role models?

Editor: As a nation we need to ask ourselves the question, “Where are the role models in society?” There is no doubt that our nation’s youths need examples to follow, but where are they?

Many children are brought up in homes where there are many forms of abuses. So they accept abuse as a way of life. They see both the parents and society solving problems by violence. {{more}}They too follow that same path. No wonder the murder rate has climbed and will continue to rise. Our young are made to believe that the best way to deal with hurt and conflict is by the gun or some other form of violence, since that is how they were brought up at home. Then tell me, how can we minimize crimes?

The talk show hosts on many radio programmes, rather than educating our people, will speak with anger and disrespect for others. They have created a division in our society where they encourage hatred for anyone who does not follow their particular political ideas. Then tell me, how can there be peace and love?

Many adults dress in a very sexually appealing way. The ladies dress half-naked. The society accepts that as a normal. Then our children and young people follow. I ask you, “How can we control HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies? Are we not contributing to the crimes of rape and sexual offences?” Values and respect are no longer taught and shown by adults and parents. “Then how can we blame the youths? How can we reduce the crimes committed? How can we save our young people?”

Some radio stations promote crews and gangs. It is sad to hear of the many disc jockeys on radio “bigging up” this crew and that crew, this gang and that gang. What we are doing, we are saying it is all right to be a gangster, to be a crew member. Look at it carefully – many of our crimes are gang related. The music played on radios promotes these kinds of lifestyle. That’s why many of our young people adopt these singers’ way of dressing and follow the message of these songs because to them it is what makes them feel accepted.

It is sad that we no longer hold to the true traditional Christian values. We have thrown these away in the name of development. Therefore our young people accept these standards. These are the role models

they see. But where are the good role models in society?

If this nation has to be a safe place, a place where crimes are not committed often, then we need to get back to the Bible. We need to practice love and not hate. The talk show hosts need to educate this nation to respect each other’s view and not create hatred. We need to listen to songs that are spiritual and educational. We need to uphold morals and decency. We as adults need to be the good example of peace and love.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not too late. Let us begin today and change this nation for good.

Kennard King