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October 8, 2004
Bomb search not thorough

EDITOR: I am a ten-year-old Grade six student of the C.W. Prescod Primary School. On Thursday, September 23, about 9:55 a.m., the students of this school got a command to get off the premises because there was a bomb in the school. Members of the staff told us to proceed onto the Grammar School Playing Field. We did what we were told. The staff proceeded to contact the police as we were on the playing field awaiting the results. {{more}}

Several police officers came to investigate the matter. There was a particular police inspector who was searching the rooms, but the thing that shocked me is that the he did not search every room in the school! What if there were really a bomb in one of the rooms of the school not searched by the police? It would have gone off.

This, I thought, was not a thorough search of the building. I hope that members of the Government will take this article under great consideration.

Kevon Weekes