Congratulations Bertie Pompey
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September 3, 2004
Congratulations Bertie Pompey

A few years ago while attending the Ministry of Education’s adult education programme in pursuit of obtaining passes at GCE and CXC, I came into contact and subsequently became friends with a Sergeant of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force. {{more}}
This officer of the law was a man with a mission. This was evident in the level of focus and the extent of the determination that was displayed by him. His focus was such that you could have felt it during interactions with this man.
Bertie Pompey, the man of whom I speak, has moved from obtaining ordinary passes at CXC and GCE, to obtaining his LLB and passing the bar examinations – amid many family, financial, occupational and betrayal crises, which were meant to, and would have, derailed even the best of us – yet he managed to maintain his dignity. That is quite a feat.
When I learnt of Bertie’s promotion to the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, I was very happy, for there is not another person in my humble unsolicited opinion that deserved this position more. This promotion is a good and timely message to all those in that institution who have built their careers by destroying the lives and careers of many unsuspecting young people whose spirits they would have broken and transformed into dancers of fear moving to the beat of the drums of the wicked, or those who were forced out of this institution with tarnished reputations and low self-esteems. These events were done in pursuit of such a position as was bestowed upon Pompey.
What was most disheartening was to learn that these same people never take one day or make any sacrifice to invest in their own development, thus bettering themselves. Those whose promotions bear the blood of dishonesty and the cries of many young people and their families whose lives they have ruined have been full of resentment over Bertie’s promotion. Many bad and negative things were said of Bertie and his promotion. But the wise will know the words of jealousy when they are heard.
Bertram Pompey has been overlooked and has been passed over for many promotions, yet I have never heard him say anything bad against anyone who has been promoted in his stead even when encouraged to do so. Instead he will say, “The man they did not promote themselves.” Pompey has never been one to sell his dignity for anything that is as trivial as a promotion. Let me take this opportunity to say congratulations Bertie. Please remember to let your conscience be your guide in using your new office and newly obtained qualifications; let your actions and decisions be in service to humanity.

Allan Palmer