Our Readers' Opinions
August 20, 2004

We must free up our minds

Editor: We must emancipate ourselves from the negatives of Africa that are sensationalized in the media, or from a religion that is deeply rooted in one of the most ancient concepts which originated in Ethiopia and Egypt. {{more}}
I don’t have a problem with Rastas having their God {Deity} in their own image but it is what has been happening throughout history.
This emancipation month we must remember that when the shackles were taken off our hands and feet they were placed on our brain, hence we are in the worst form of slavery, mental slavery. Africa is the cradle of civilization.
Africa gave the world religion, arts, sciences, medicine, the alphabet, writing, philosophy, architecture and wealth. All the negatives about Africa were inherited from the colonialists after the exploitation of Africa and its natural resources to build their so-called free world, which we so ignorantly defend.
I’m appalled when I hear so-called intellectuals say they are not Africans. Which leaves the question “If our foreparents were brought here from Africa as slaves and those slaves had babies what do you call the babies?”
We as a people have become so ignorant that we adopted the name of the country where they came.
Emancipation means freedom, the money, the house, the car and the “bling-bling” can’t make us free. It is our mind that make us free.