Our Readers' Opinions
August 13, 2004
Sodomy is nasty, chosen behaviour

Editor: I am ever disgusted by men and women who profess some form of intelligence being so compromising and crooked in their manner of reasoning.
I read with abhorrence the article in the August 6th issue of your newspaper written by one “A Friend For All” and was further sickened by the realisation that the writer is a teacher in one of our schools. {{more}}While Joe in his letters was bold about his sinful sodomy, here is a teacher who upholds sodomy in a subtle way, clothing it as NATURAL and UNCHOSEN behaviour.
The scripture shows clearly that one is not judged as sinful by the absence of a limb or hand, an eye or an ear (Jn 9:1-30). These are what can be regarded as abnormal physical differences to the way God intended man to be born in the world. Christ Himself shows that these physical or biological abnormalities cannot hinder one from entering the kingdom (Mark 9:43-47; 1 Cor. 15:43, 51-54). There were many unnatural physical conditions that He healed, but many more which he did not.
Sodomy, on the other hand, is not a physical consequence of sin, but is sin itself. Partaking in both the thoughts and emotions that result in the physical act of sexual intercourse between a man and another man or a woman and another woman is what must be judged as immoral.
The Bible shows that sodomy is an UNATURAL BEHAVIOUR; it is UNSEEMLY and thus will be judged by God as such when anyone partakes of it (Rom.1: 27,28). There is nothing natural or inherently right about sinful thoughts, emotions or behaviours. They are a result of human CHOICE and can either be restrained or allowed to go unrestrained. The nasty Sodomites refused to restrain their emotions for sexual pleasure with Lot’s visitors, refused to choose Lot’s daughters and consciously determined that the men in Lot’s house were more pleasurable than the women (Gen 19:7-9). This is the sick CHOICE that many are still making. And God will rain fire and brimstone on all men and women who CHOOSE this form of pleasure, and the upholders too. Remember Lot’s wife!! (Lk 17:32, Gen. 19:26).
The nasty emotions can and must be destroyed (or inactivated) so that they will no longer flow towards another man or another woman like yourself (Rom. 6:6). It is after this that one no longer serves the nasty emotions of sodomy (vs. 12-19). But all thoughts of sodomy must be replaced by the mind of Christ or a knowledge of His Divine Nature – God’s thoughts regarding sodomy and those who partake of it. (Phil. 2:5) By understanding God’s hatred for such a nasty and abominable act is the only way sodomites can be helped. No sympathy or compromise must be tolerated, for these are not the feelings or thoughts of God (2 Pet 2:6,7). It is sinful and God has reserved fire and brimstone for all sodomites. Get used to that fact!!!
Sodomy is a nasty CHOSEN behaviour, consisting of restrainable thoughts, emotions and actions. Nothing excusable about it. You will be held responsible for YOUR behaviour before God. Get used to that fact. STOP being defiant to the natural principles of right and wrong explained by God – the creator of the first man and woman.

Shefflorn O. Ballantyne