Our Readers' Opinions
August 13, 2004
Don’t recognise Latortue regime

EDITOR: I note with amazement the rapidity with which some members of Caricom are moving to recognize the illegally installed Latortue regime in Haiti.
It is troubling how some can see the illegal removal of the democratically elected government of President Aristide as no big deal. These leaders have failed to grasp one thing, and it is that you do not compromise on fundamental principles. {{more}}
Our leaders need to stand up and be counted. The notion of stooping to conquer is only relevant if you are intent on tricking the enemy into believing that you have surrendered. From a stooping position you can easily be kicked and trampled. I advise Caribbean leaders to stand tall or history will not be kind to you.
Caricom, which has traditionally been very slow to act on just about everything, seems to have had a burst of adrenaline all of a sudden. There is need for a commensurate level of action in dealing with issues of Caribbean integration and the CSME. If the same degree of enthusiasm is carried over into these endeavours we will be better off as a region.
Caribbean leaders, do not let any threats or empty promises lead you to take unprincipled positions. If you do, those who got you to abandon your principles will never respect you. They will forever treat us as the scum of the earth.
Today it is more important than ever that we band together, speak with one voice and resist the dictates and impositions of those who think that they have a God-given mission to be the world’s police. They are masters at the art of “divide and rule”. Unity is strength and there is strength in numbers. Allowing ourselves to be picked off one by one will not do us any good.
Instead of trying to organize secret deals we must all (leaders and ordinary citizens) rally around the position of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves. We cannot recognize the illegally installed Latortue regime. Let us ennoble our Caribbean civilization, not denigrate it. The struggle continues.

Dr. Franklyn James