Our Readers' Opinions
August 6, 2004
NDP and its way forward

EDITOR: It’s unfair to say that the New Democratic Party (NDP) did nothing in the last 17 years.
This has been the talk of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and their supporters. If you were around you would see. I have been a supporter of the NDP, but I am wondering if I should support them in the next general election. {{more}}My reason for saying this is that I don’t think Mr. Eustace should run back any of the past representatives. Eustace brings a new kind of politics to this country and its new faces are important.
I know a lot of NDP supporters who held office in this country are hoping that when they win back, they will be on the rampart to exploit and victimize people.
If you listen to Nice Radio you will understand what I am talking about. Eustace doesn’t seem to be that kind of person but could he control them with the kind of attitude? So that’s why I’m concerned supporting them in the next general election.
I call in to radio programmes and I have been taken to task by NDP and their supporters; this is unfair. I have been told the programme is for everyone, sometimes I wonder if it’s true. I am wondering what is happening in this country; when one talks about anything, you are criticized. Why? I don’t know. So I am making an appeal to the leadership of the NDP to stop this before it gets worse. Persons who I see created a problem for the NDP are former chairman of the party and Vinlec, S. S. James and his kind of politics in the past. That is why new faces are important.
Eustace doesn’t give any consideration to all who think. Let’s move forward with them.
All the best in the next election.

Kingsley DeFreitas