Our Readers' Opinions
July 30, 2004
No response yet from CDC

Editor: I was prompted to make a few observations on Carnival due to some comments I read last week on the question of lack of designers.
Around 1980 I wrote, on behalf of the Mas bands, to the Ministry of Culture and suggested the setting up of a programme in schools to train young and interested persons in the field of costume design and carnival arts generally. {{more}}I later found out that this has been done in other countries, even in England at university level.
I was offered a job to do just this in Montserrat just prior to the eruptions. Anyway, to date, no response from the Ministry.
Over the years since then the same call was repeated by Dragons, on the air and in the print media. No response to date. Space does not allow me to detail the many developmental suggestions that have been put forward to the CDC over the years that were ignored.
Yet every year immediately after Carnival much is said and little is done.
I was not surprised to hear that Molly and Roy were forgotten; they are not the only ones.
Do you think that these things would happen – In Another Country?
Congratulations to all those who participated in the festival, from competitors to revellers; keep the fire burning.
Edison Sheggy” John