Our Readers' Opinions
July 23, 2004
Pure fire! Fire Bun!! Hotta Fire!

Editor: In last week’s edition dated July 16, 2004, containing Joe’s letter, I wish to make a few comments on this homosexual issue.
First to begin with, is he (Joe) suggesting love for gays and their habits, indicating that they have rights, and as such must be respected?{{more}}
He outlined his failure to deal with a deviant passion which he tried to get rid of until he stopped thinking to himself that it was not worth the fight, and conversely defended his action. He even said that all his life he knew he was not like other males and he was different.
Editor and readers, what disturbs “I man” is Joe claimed that he was brought up in Christianity, knowing that sin is sin whether big or small, that everyone is a sinner, hence perpetrators of sin must not condemn sinful actions,
I am of the view that wrong must be vehemently censured and made abased. What is it about homosexuals that Vincentians should be proud of? At this point I will fully endorse Kenrick Quashie’s argument, needless I reiterate them on this issue. Everyone must constantly do self-search by Dr Ishaka Musa Barashango. This is also a characteristic of Mystery Babylon, the system of the beast, which carries out the purpose of the serpent, corruption of course. (Read Daniel ch. 7 v. 24-25 and Revelation chapter 13.)
I therefore forward my argument to the Constitutional Review Committee and moreso a recommendation to all parliamentarians to depreciate homosexuality and look at it in utter askance whenever the debate of the constitution is issued in parliament. At this point I salute the Honourable Selmon Walters; indeed you are honourable to express such audacity toward homosexual men and lesbians.
Failing to exclude this abominable act in the constitution would mean that legislators, who represent the people, would be in agreement with satanic principles. They will be telling a lie and living a contradiction because the first preamble of this country’s existing constitution states and affirms that that the nation is founded on this belief in the supremacy of God and the freedom and dignity of man.
As for Joe, he gave up the battle since he got to know he was born to be a homosexual man and that there is nothing he can do to change his feeling, at least so he would want us to believe. If every man and woman, dear editor and readers, is to follow after their feelings without reasoning with truth, could you imagine what the state of the universe would look like? After all, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from Jah Rasta fari’s mouth, all you Satan surrogates out there!
According to Joe’s argument for his actions, to me it is a clear manifestation of Romans ch 1:24 to 32. On the above mentioned text homosexual/lesbian does not have every right to practise such a lifestyle. This sort of conduct had prevalence in Ancient Greece: femininity on the part of the man when worshipping Bacchus, god of wine and revelry which Rome adopted, read “God, the Bible and the Black man’s Destiny” or the live lecture on audio tape of the above mentioned book in the 14th chapter.
To all parties concerned whether it be people like Joe, parliamentarians or the average man on the street, to support such a constitution over the suppression of Jah Rastafari’s teaching is Pure fire! Fire bun!! Hotta fire!!
Vincentians! It is a choice to live in virtues or vices but remember to survey the consequences.

Ras Zando