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July 16, 2004

Human Rights group condemns Carnival murders

EDITOR: The Carnival is over but amidst all the fun, flair and fantasy, this country was left with three murders, two of whom were women, and young Antonio Cuffy.
Most heart-rendering was the horrible burning to death of two-year-old J’ron Stapleton and 18-month-old Sabbin Edwards when they were left unattended in a small house at Sharpes Village in Chateaubelair, which fire engulfed.{{more}}
The parents or guardians of those two children who left them in that house, locked in from the outside with a candle burning away inside, should have a charge of criminal negligence to answer. Too often young children have been abandoned and neglected by their closest relatives or guardians whose primary duty is to protect them and make sure of their safety.
Regarding the murder of Decima John of Cane End, who was due to appear at the Assizes in Kingstown in a rape case in which she was the victim, it seems clear she was murdered in an effort to effectively and brutally interfere with the criminal legal process. It makes us wonder whether a witness protection service may not be too far off for implementation in this country.
The shooting of Antonio Cuffy while he was dancing at a fete on the Shipwreck, which later caused his death, and the brutal sexual assault and murder of Selma Wallace of Campden Park while on her night job, are dastardly crimes to be condemned.
The SVG Human Rights Association extends condolence to the parents and other relatives of the victims who have lost loved ones in the spate of murders over the Carnival period.

Victor Cuffy
President of the SVG Human Rights Association