Our Readers' Opinions
June 18, 2004
Dem still ah get bun!!!

EDITOR: Thanks for the space in your newspaper.
I cannot help but share my part in the discussion over the statement Minister Selmon Walters made at the Children’s Rights Conference on April 6, 2004, at the Methodist Church Hall. I was there and I applauded him when he made his comment. Please note that he said, “When I watch them on television I feel like taking a match and lighting them.”{{more}}
As a politician, his statement was not politically correct. However, I would like to interpret his statement as neither accepting nor encouraging such behaviour and acts in our society. He should have used different words I would agree. I would also agree with Bassy’s comments in his column on April 23, 2004 on criticising other sins also, but I think that he was too harsh on Minister Walters in last week’s papers given the fact that he corrected the minister already.
As politicians, they need to be more careful on the issues they address publicly. In law, we learn that Parliament tends not to address issues of morality given the fact that they (parliamentarians) represent the country with different views and it can be detrimental to them because they can lose their position in Parliament. I must, however, commend Walters for being brave and speaking out against such acts. One must understand that he was speaking at a conference for children at a time when society is accepting homosexuals.
Firstly, they cannot procreate and if the practice of homosexuality continues procreation may cease to exist as a word in the dictionary. In addition to that, they (the homosexuals) are now seeking the right to adopt children or even be responsible for their children whom they have had in previous relationships. Allowing them to do so is not protecting the rights of a child. So, the intention of Minister Walters was made, but some of us just want to make things difficult.
To “Joe” who wrote in the May 14th Searchlight, we do accept that there are homosexuals in prestigious positions in our state but that does not mean we should support their ungodly act – “What shall a man profit by gaining the world and losing his soul?” And about what you wrote concerning those who are homophobic are those “who are insecure…” Nonsense!!
You are so wrong. I know my sexuality, and I will never be attracted to a male. How dare you say something like that? It’s a pity!!
We need not compromise, of course! Stealing, adultery – there are many other sins that we speak out against or should I say “should” speak out against. Yet regardless of that, homosexuality is a sin and so we should speak out against it. As Minister Walters said at another forum, the church needs to be more proactive. As a people we need to understand that what may be correct legally does not mean in the sight of God it is correct. The church is too silent on issues. Just like how some “Christian” churches accepted gifts from a Buddhist organization. I can only say Sad! Sad! Sad!
Minister Walters, I would advise you to be more careful with your choice of words (make sure you are politically correct). I commend your bravery for, as my Christian brother Kenard King wrote in the Vincentian newspaper on June 4th, “Standing Up For What You Believe.” Keep the faith.
In closing, I want to make it clear that I accept everyone as human beings but I condemn the wrong doings and urge us to continue to strive for perfection and doing what is pleasing in the sight of God.
Finally, whether Minister Selmon Walters bun dem or he nah bun, if dem nah get out; dem still ah get bun.

Kenrick Quashie