The dress that gets all the attention
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June 11, 2004

The dress that gets all the attention

The Holder family is very upset with the negative remarks coming from some members of the Vincentian public, who are accusing us of lying concerning the design and making of Nyasha Holder’s evening gown for the 2004 Miss SVG Pageant.{{more}}
It is however unfortunate that the public can’t seem to appreciate something that is well done when it is done locally. Apparently, some individuals believe that the gown was created regionally. Why is it that when there are other locally designed outfits they aren’t criticized this way?
Isn’t it ironic though, that if the negative statements by some members of the public were in fact true wouldn’t that designer and maker have come forward after hearing all these positive remarks about the dress?
I feel so saddened that our own people seem to appreciate something good only when it’s not local. We have extremely talented young persons in St. Vincent and the Grenadines who are being constantly discouraged because they are always told you can’t or you didn’t.
Nyasha Holder, a future architect, has been designing since attending the Girls High School. Nyasha and Patsy Holder are strong independent women who aren’t discouraged by negative comments instead, grow and get stronger from them. It is indeed a pity to see their hard work thrashed. They however leave this statement with you.
If there is anyone out there who had any input or even saw Nyasha’s dress or even a piece of material of that outfit before the show come forward and claim.
We put this to you
Patsy Holder

l Editor’s note: Submitted as a letter