Our Readers' Opinions
June 11, 2004

Immigration blunders

EDITOR: Our airport authorities spoke some time ago about improving the security after 9/11 and its importance, but I’m yet to see the improvement of security at the E. T. Joshua Airport.
Persons who work there are still not wearing their identification cards.{{more}}
Parking is a blunder! Concael Williams is doing a very good job but is not being supported by the authorities.
The Customs Officers are trying their best, but my concern is for the immigration officers. Some time ago LIAT flight 311 landed from Antigua, a passenger came off the flight, cleared with immigration, got outside and asked for a taxi to Mt. Pasousa. That’s when I realized he was in the wrong country, and his destination was Grenada.
I told him where he was and asked him to go back inside and let the officer send him back on the aircraft. This is a big security blunder, and the officers need to be trained properly. I am therefore making an appeal to the Minister of National Security and Airport Development to look into the matter.
I have said to the Prime Minister that if we have to deal with free movement of persons, the persons we put in charge must be well trained to deal with situations when they arise. The workers and security at
E.T. Joshua need to polish up and work together.

Kingsley DeFreitas