Our Readers' Opinions
May 28, 2004
Oh those banking policies!

The Editor: We the customers of some of these banks would really like to know what is going on with our money.
We have noticed that when we go to do a transaction at the banks, monies are being deducted from our saving accounts without any notification. In our opinion this is STEALING.{{more}}
If the banks are going to implement new policies, they do have the right to do so, but we also, as customers, have the right to be informed of their new policies. Give us the choice whether or not we want to adhere to their policies.
Customers, we do have rights and we do not have to accept the banks’ policies; we have choices.
1) There are other banks in town who are not dipping their hands into your account.
2) You do have the right to demand your money back if you were not made aware of their new policy.
3) You can close your account and go to another bank.
Come on Vincentian people – seek your rights, do not let these unscrupulous bankers rob you of your hard-earned money. Get up and act, it may soon be safer to keep your money under the pillow as our forefathers did!!

Hali Stay