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May 21, 2004
I fully endorse PSU’s stand

Editor: On Workers’ Day, Saturday, May 1, 2004, I journeyed a few yards away from home to the cool and quiet environs of the Botanic Gardens, where I sat and began reflecting on my position as a unionized worker in this country.
Frankly speaking, I fully endorsed the stand taken by the Public Service Union in diverting to their own activities as scheduled; for whatever reason(s), this was quite justifiable.{{more}}
I think that the time has come for this august body, after proudly celebrating over 50 years of existence, to rise up and proclaim itself as the duly registered agent that represents most of the upper echelons of the Vincentian society.
As a member of an organization with over 25 years of recorded dues, I have observed so far the following:
(a) Most individuals who offer themselves for executive positions do so based on which party in government they chose to fight down, with tons of energies being generated of astute political strategies. This, while the yield of personal vendettas are cleverly put on display. Rightly so, the rank and files are blindly disguised in all these charades. However, we all enjoyed the grabs of the “higher stakes” – history can surely attest to this.
(b) Whenever elected to serve on the executive as public servants, we are hereby stripped of our independence to perform the duties that are mandated through the general membership, when consideration after all that we are servants of the same master, giving us very little space to flex our muscles.
(c) Being offered another notch up the promotion ladder area, oft-times considered as a bribe of good opportunities, especially if you have been left hanging out drying for so long.
And very recent examples are as follows:
(a) One excelled from president to labor commissioner to permanent secretary then finally, chief personnel officer. (Promotion)
(b) From president to scholarship grant then on to labor commissioner. (Promotion)
(c) From being elected unconstitutionally (non-financially) to general secretary to press secretary. (A well noted case of political generated vibrancy.)
(d) From president to mayor of Kingstown. (Politics at its highest, riding on the backs of the rank and file on his way to parliament.)
My intention here is in no way meant to knock these ambitious guys off their feet; as one looks on these circumstances one will be much hard pressed to exchange their patriotism for a better standard of living. Vulnerability is too much at its peek to allow anything else to take precedent.
My recommendation is, however, that: with the knowledge that being 55 is not considered to be old, the P.S.U. should begin to target the next batch of retired public servants after a good stint on the beach getting themselves in shape, to give some of their time to serve diligently. Specifically those who would have been privy to training in trade unionism at various levels throughout their career.
The fear of victimization and lip-sealing for promotion is at a disadvantage, hence you cannot be denied of your democratic rights if you choose to do so; your pensions and gratuity are your earnings to keep – Pronto!!! While the current employees among the rank and file avail themselves to the various sub-committees and to attaining the necessary training in preparation for the future challenges.
Finally, we can therefore conduct our duties to the best of our ability and forge the way forward, voiding us from any sort of political influence that is likely to cripple our will to – Stand up and be counted!!!.

Public Servant