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May 14, 2004
Changes made after PM’s tour

EDITOR: Our Prime Minister is having a ministerial tour of SVG; I think it’s a very good idea. He refers to it as linking hands, hearts and voices across the nation. I was expecting this, P.M. Gonsalves, and it is welcomed by all in the country. {{more}}
There is a need for the Prime Minister to access what is happening in every constituency and see how the politicians are doing. People have been complaining that they are seeing the politicians but not seeing things get done, so that is why Dr. Gonsalves has to do these assessment tours of the constituencies.
Dr. Gonsalves, you have to give serious consideration to some of the politicians like Dr. Slater, Dr. Thompson, Mr. Sayers, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Walters, and to a lesser extent Mrs. Miguel; people have been complaining about their performance.
Dr. Gonsalves, you have to use your experience and do what is right for the country and the ULP party if you want to govern this country beyond 2006. So when your assessment tour ends, make the changes. If not, you will end up in opposition. Make the necessary changes when the time is right.
All the best in your ministerial tour.
Remember, you are a political scientist.
Thank you.

Kingsley Defreitas