Our Readers' Opinions
May 7, 2004

Miss Minister, keep up the good work

EDITOR: Three years have passed since we in West Kingstown in Largo Height have been getting really good representation. Keep up the good work Miss Hon. Minister Baptiste. {{more}}
Look at this: (1) After 17 years, we have seen work being done on our playing field – a great community asset. (2) The community centre at Largo Height
is now in active and
positive use.
Our Community Development Organization now has a new nice large stove donated by her which is to be used in baking classes and cookery skill training. I have heard that Minister Baptiste has ordered a full list of baking equipment and utensils for the project. (3) Young people from the area are all now getting jobs. No political games on poor relief. (4) Every home now has pipe water. (5) Our road is being upgraded and repaired. So no more
In spite of the negative talking, keep working; you are presenting us with a better life here in Largo Height.
Hon. Miss Minister, keep up the good work. There is more.

Wilbert H. Scipio (Observer)