On Target
September 5, 2014

Football’s long-lasting predicament

For yet another occasion, the issue of the restructuring football at the national level is being discussed.

However, the talks are only loud and bellowing whenever the jungle-clog of leagues are in full swing, and players go here, there and everywhere to get a piece of the action.{{more}}

As is the norm at this time of year, there is a multitude of football leagues presently hosting competitions.

Currently, there are the Stubbs, Breakaway Masters, Barrouallie, Marriaqua, and Diamonds, which is nearing completion, all throttling.

Waiting in the wings to get their do going are the Bequia, Sion Hill, Arnos Vale and Layou competitions.

Then, there is the national club championship, administered by the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation set to kick off soon as well.

Ironically, the latter, which should be the crème de la crème, is the one which has to grapple with the most teething issues of all types.

Whilst the predicaments facing football in St Vincent and the Grenadines are not all the doings of the current national executive, they have assisted in compounding and perpetuating the situations.

The plain truth is that football administration at this point at the national level is out of control.

Even some the mere operations of the local parent body have at times been ineffective and lacking the moral authority to construct a different and structured pathway for football in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Having the world body step in and institute guidelines and other corrective measures tells the tale of half of the goings on at the secretariat in Bentinck Square.

What then happens thereafter, is just the continuum following its course.

The men and lady at the head table of the sport nationally, may have shot themselves in the foot, as they had campaigned in 2011 to have more football being played throughout the length and breadth of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

So, are we getting what we asked for and no more?

What then is unfolding is basically a free for all as the sport continues to make that free-fall plunge.

It is not with denial that the various area competitions are important social outlets, so too are the national ones, and both have to co-exist, some semblance of order must come into play.

No one though in his wildest imaginations would expect any major amendments to what holds at present, as it was the same affiliates who voted overwhelmingly at the last elections for those who hold the keys to the sport.

Feathers would not be ruffled at this time with the ask for another four-year term at the helm looming in 2015.

But the sport cannot be always seen as an outlet for persons’ profiling as we are going nowhere fast with this sort of individualistic agenda.

Also, affiliates in the main love what they are getting and the handouts simply satisfy their hunger in the now, while St Vincent and the Grenadines is slowly easing off the radar as a potent football force in the Caribbean.

Football is in dire need of a structure as what obtains simply cannot cut it, unless the sport is seen as solely for recreational purpose.

This is not to say that a prescription administered overnight would kick in immediately, as the road to recovery would be painful.

Growing up on a diet of independence would be hard to change, but a different menu, which is best for the sport has to find its way first of all into the psyche of all who claim to love football.

Getting to that desired place would not be a kiss -hand undertaking as things have been permitted to go the way they are, thus there will be resistance to change.

Plus, there would be no need to re-invent the wheel, as there are documents available which read towards stream-lining the game.

There is no shortage of resource persons and literature to facilitate the process, but if pursued, it must be a well thought- out, marketed and sold undertaking.