On Target
January 3, 2014
Fourteen sporting resolutions for 2014

As a fresh guard is taken for 2014, resolutions may be made and hopefully, they will be worked on and kept.

As in personal lives, sporting oganisations should do the same. But for those who forget, those who do not believe in making resolutions and for those who let things unravel for themselves, this column will do so on your behalf and stand in the gap.{{more}}

First up, those associations which have been in a prolonged state of rest, hey, it is 2014, wake up and muscle up.

Instantly, body building comes to mind in that slumber category.

Secondly, this column hopes for greater unity among coaches, especially in the area of track and field. Coaches must endeavour to give of their best to the athletes under their charge, instead of personal gratification and chest thumping. Those who cannot see the bigger picture and are blurred by such myopic selfishness, then you also need to make your own resolution and change your lens.

Thirdly, the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association should retake their position at the crease and acknowledge that they are not structurally developing the sport, except having the run-of-the-mill competitions and awards ceremonies.

They must also pay attention to the looming threat of softball cricket, which is threatening to flood the national competitions. Jack and company, this is no idle boast, but a reality that can cripple the sport.

Fourthly, there has to be some synergy in the various forms of cricket being taught to the primary schools. At present, the youngsters are exposed to street 20 cricket, the Kiddy cricket and the Grassroots programme. Hopefully, in 2014, all entities will sing from the same song sheet.

Fifthly, there cannot be business as usual in the New Year, as it relates to school sports.

The clutter, the duplication and the general rush-rush should not be allowed to take over another year, with simply having competitions, with the main objective of just hosting them.

Sixth, but not necessarily in order of merit, 2014 must bring something decisive, one way or the other, in relation to the proposed indoor facility which we were promised back in 2010 and discussions with Mondo of a synthetic track.

The proposal has gone beyond the lipping and grand charges.

The seventh resolution calls on those national associations to show that they are making efforts to get their young charges out on scholarships. Surely, the offers have not dried up, but those in charge are lethargic in our pursuits.

Also come 2014, one wants to see a greater level of efficiency coming from the executive and secretariat of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation. This past year, the SVGFF was the “market goat” for everyone to lambast and ridicule.

Resolution number eight requests that the community groups go beyond their sporting mandate and embark on other social undertakings which cater for personal development for both sexes.

And, as a tag on, that the said organizations liaise with the National Sports Council in the management of sporting facilities in their respective locale.

The tenth on the list of wishes, is for the Division of Sports and Physical Education to add to its responsibilities, becoming an agent for literature of history of sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Also on the list of wishes, is for St Vincent and the Grenadines to have a podium finish at this year’s Junior Carifta Track and Field Championships.

Twelfth on the list of desires is for the parameters to be stretched and the relevant agencies, including the National Olympic Committee, to engage in training for the indirect components of sports.

The penultimate resolution is for St Vincent and the Grenadines to develop and patent an event of its own. Proposed by this column is either an endurance run or a triathlon.

St Vincent and the Grenadines is miles behind with respect to a calendared sporting event which others outside look forward to.

And, finally, that all who are involved in sports give of their best and enjoy the best of everything in 2014.

A blessed and sporting 2014 to all!