On Target
July 12, 2013

The lamentations of local sports

Sobriety should now be the order of the day, as many for certain would have been drunk from the spirits of the past week, as this country celebrated its national cultural festival – Carnival.{{more}}

There, however, should not be any hangovers, as the business of sport must go on, and we again are faced with the realities that there is a lot of work to be done.

So, lamentations of our shortcomings, our pitfalls and what we should be doing, to get things going in a positive direction, live on.

These lamentations of local sports have become epistles, as they mount without relenting.

The cry for a secondary facility to the showpiece ground – the Arnos Vale Playing Field, has turned into a wailing, as the lack of an alternative venue repeatedly upsets the programmes of national associations.

Things are often put in limbo, as ever so often, the West Indies Cricket Board can present St Vincent and the Grenadines with a regional or international cricket match, thus disrupting the agendas of associations which had prior bookings for the use of the Arnos Vale facility.

A case in point is the awarding of the two T-20 internationals, set for July 27 and 28 at that venue, featuring the West Indies and Pakistan.

Already scheduled for July 27 was the track and field discipline of the annual CBN/Winlott Inc Inter Windward Islands secondary schools’ games.

Additionally, whenever there are regional and international cricket matches pending, the Arnos Vale Playing Field becomes unavailable, also obstructing local competition, namely the national premier division cricket competition.

But while there are limited sporting facilities, the Grammar School Playing Field, which is the most used in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and already a thoroughfare, was once again the venue for parking last Monday and Tuesday, the two official days of the climax of national Carnival celebrations.

We have taken wholeheartedly to the saying “Mash Up and Buy Back”.

Unfortunately, as we continue to mash up wantonly, we are unable to buy back, leaving us in a progressively worse position after we have put our thought processes in gear.

On the issue of facilities, what is the latest on the possibility of St Vincent and the Grenadines getting a synthetic track?

Just over a year ago, a visit was made here by an official of the Mondo Track suppliers; discussions were held with the relevant personnel, there were some site visits and designs were presented.

What is the state of affairs of the manoeuvres? When will they be transferred to real action?

Indeed, we are keeping on track as many persons close to the sport of Track and Field are still unsure when the local organization for the sport will be calling its long overdue general meeting, in which elections for posts should be convened.

Similarly, the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation is ten months in arrears in relation to the hosting of its general meeting, which was due since last October.

Are the auditors working overtime crunching the numbers and perusing the trail of papers needed to give an accurate picture of the financial health of the Vennold Coombs led local parent body?

Also, what is the real situation with the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association?

Is there an executive in place? Is Anthony Mc Kenzie holding on to the already submerged national organization?

Oops, before time elapses, what’s up with king cricket?

Are the eyes and ears open among the members of the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association?

Are they taking heed of the many constructive and justified criticisms which are being levelled at their stewardship? These complaints are pushing hard to displace this year’s Carnival popular hits, as they are now on the lips of almost all those who play or are involved in the sport locally.

For the men who have the decision buttons, “Things nice” – once there are the local competitions, the quota of regional matches and the few international fixtures placed here on Vincentian soil.

How long can we hold strain and hope that the fix it crew will be employed?

Until such time, this column will continue to sermonise on those lamentations.