On Target
December 7, 2012

We like it so!

Many of the happenings in sports in our blessed St Vincent and the Grenadines, which are having adverse effects on progress, are in part our own undoing.{{more}}

Whilst some may air their views on the various radio talk shows, some will ventilate the issues in the print media or via the Internet, while others will stand at the street corners and bellow their concerns, the crux of the matter is that many who can effect change often remain mute and allow the train of regression to go along its merry path.

And, those guilty ones are known to all and sundry.

The members and affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation are some of the biggest cowards, as they are satisfied with malaise as the sport is locked away in the doldrums of nothingness.

Where were all those persons when almost an entire executive was voted in by way of proxy votes at the last general meeting in March of 2011?

But we seem to like it so, as no one is making any decisive attempt to rescue bodybuilding from the abyss.

Sailing in the same boat are those members of the local table tennis fraternity, who are contented with having the sport resigned to some persons knocking up at the AVESCO clubhouse at Arnos Vale and be satisfied that is progress. Indeed it is, but in the opposite direction.

Also, are the affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines deeply riveted to their seats and keeping the lips folded as time for the long awaited general meeting elapses?

The last pronouncement coming out of the secretariat of the SVGFF was that the auditors needed more time to prepare its necessary financial documents, as it was short-staffed, coupled with the late demands of the local football organisation.

Have the executive’s operations within the last 14 months satisfied the auditors’ requests?

The affiliates like it so, because they are happy with the modus operandi.

Oops! When last has Team Athletics SVG staged an election of officers?

Records show that it was some time in September 2004, with the next due October 30, 2008, at the end of the four-year cycle.

It is now December 2012, and yet no word is forthcoming as to when the next elections will be held.

Are those guys and ladies with all their trappings and programmes in office unconstitutionally?

Surely, this unethical practice is untenable and must be fixed. But who can fix it but those who are directly under the umbrella of the track and field and road racing authorities here.

Those who can effect change have taken a dose of dumb tablets, while those at the steering wheels have been hit with a severe bout of amnesia and have lost all memory of when last there were elections and when is the next constitutionally due date.

On the other side of the fence, no one wants to come to the rescue of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association.

At least three attempts were made last year to hold a general meeting and in effect, put an executive in place, but all came to nought.

President Anthony Mc Kenzie, despite the turbulence, has stood at the bridge, sending distress calls after calls, hoping for a response in the affirmative.

But where are those persons whose offspring have benefitted from tennis scholarships through participating in the various tournaments under the aegis of the association?

Isn’t it high time that many of you came to the aid of the association in its darkest times of need?

You have treated the association like a coconut: drunk the refreshing water and eaten the tasty jelly and have now thrown the shell into the dump heap.

Those who have gained like it so, because the association and its operations are of no use to them now.

And, there are others who are silently humming that tune “We like it so” and are happy to do so for some time to come.