On Target
August 10, 2012
Is the SVGFF Executive falling apart?

Have the wheels of the wagon of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) fallen off, leaving the chassis to careen to a crash, with a complete write off being the end result?{{more}}

Certainly, that is what appears to be happening, based on what is coming from within the walls of the Bentinck Square office.

As it is now, the internal organs of the executive are being spilled, leaving behind a trail with an unbearable stench.

The alleged happenings within the SVGFF are more popular than a road march calypso, as at every street corner in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the tune is that all is not well with the administration here.

The common refrain is that of high-handedness, mouthings of dictatorial proportions, nepotism and a general lack of deportment by the man at the helm of the executive, Venold Coombs.

And, if there were doubts, his ranting and rambunctious behaviour, at last week’s press conference, surely gave credence to rumours being spread.

The way he responded to the allegations that he had received a $2,000 stipend for an overseas trip, which he eventually did not proceed on, exhibits a general disregard for the office he holds.

A wrong will forever remain a wrong.

However, It seems that most of the men and woman who are serving the sport at the national level are caged with disgust, yet are afraid to take the moral highway and distance themselves totally from the rot.

They are content to grin and bear it.

Among the biggest disappointments have been committee members Clemroy Francois and Earl Bennett, who when they were out of the loop, provided that watchdog approach for the other affiliates.

Wasn’t it the same Bennett who, on election day on January 14, 2012, openly told Coombs he was shaking his hands reservedly?

Did not Bennett tell Coombs that it would not be business as usual? Has he had a turn-around in sentiments as everything is now fine and dandy?

Since taking up the position of Public Relations Officer, how often has Mr Bennett sent out releases from the secretariat?

Are the members of the executive hiding under the bushel because they were told that the affiliates elected a president and not them?

So, no better the beef no better the barrel, as they must take the collective responsibility to be chided for lack of public confidence in the current state of affairs of our football.

The next best bet is for the affiliates to get up and begin to demand answers to the many allegations that are being leveled at the current executive.

Among the other issues emerging is the sensitive area of finance, which some have alleged is not being properly managed.

Among the answers that the affiliates seek of the executive is how much money was spent on the VIP reception at the President’s Suite last November, during the match between St Vincent and the Grenadines and Belize?

Affiliates need to find out how much was the catering cost for a match which lasted two hours?

Whilst it is not mandatory, it would have made for good stewardship for an income and expenditure statement to be made public for the two world cup matches which the current executive oversaw last year.

This has been a common practice of executives in the past and has gone a long way in fostering trust between the SVGFF and other stakeholders.

Is it a fact that a separate bank account has been opened at a local bank, and is only accessible to two members of the executive?

If no updates are forthcoming from the national stewards, then affiliates also need to find out what is the current status of the Goal Project at Brighton, which was due to be completed last February.

Also why should we continue to bid to host tournaments, whilst others in the region are refusing them?

At this juncture, something has to give way, before the dismantling of the executive comes about.

The affiliates possess the power to either continue with the mire or keep a more watchful eye, as vanguards of the sport. The choice is theirs.