On Target
December 23, 2010
Oh, this time of year!

It is now the Yuletide season, when the acts of benevolence are limitless, when love fills the air, and when many of our differences are cast aside.

Not that such qualities are not exhibited throughout the rest of the year, but they are more pronounced around this time.{{more}}

Such an occasion is clothed, ironically, with bustling and tedious merriment.

Christmas is part cultural and part religious for many who partake in its celebrations. And, with such celebrations come the corresponding food, drink and partying to some extent.

Set aside the divisive and incisive politics, the juggling of economic opportunities and ever increasing scarce financial resources, crime, and other social ills, the festive mood will always be spiced up.

But in our intoxication with the high spiritedness of the season, let us not lose sight for a moment that sports, here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, needs to be consolidated, and a clear pathway mapped towards producing world class athletes in the various disciplines.

We continue to dabble in sports, and not make a focal point in our quest to better the lives of Vincentians.

Therefore, whilst we indulge in our guilty pleasures over the next few days, spare a thought for a moment that many of our representative teams are lagging behind their comparative regional neighbours.

Let us, too, wish those national associations which are just marking time in terms of the business of sports, that peace and goodwill may visit their hearts and that they will either vacate their posts or get up and get moving.

To our beloved sportsmen and women, many of whom got the privilege during 2010 and before to wear the national colours on the regional and international sporting arenas, your training regiment this Yuletide season should be one of engaging your minds in the greater good of the sport you represent.

This column proposes that during this period, you should consciously take time out for introspection. See where you have done right, where you may have slipped up, what are your strengths, and what were you weak areas.

Then, purpose that as a New Year resolution, purpose that come 2011, that you are going to improve all round, hence move from being ordinary performers to become worthy performers.

The continuum should take shape, thereafter to become world beaters. Not impossible!

Additionally, ensure that you make peace first of all without yourself, those whom you have hurt in one form or another, and most of all with that omnipotent being you serve.

This time of year also marks another twelve months of this column pounding away about sporting issues. Being critical when it is necessary, and equally complimentary when the need arises.

One thing is certain, though, that this writer will never compromise his positions on certain matters pertaining to sports in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but will express his views, impartially and most of all fearlessly, but with respect for his fellowmen.

It has truly been another fruitful and rewarding year for the On Target column.

Of course, everyone will not and should not agree with some of my comments, but that is the nature of our democracy and freedom to express what is bottled up in us.

For some, this column is a must read. I was heartened some time ago, when some one approached me and said On Target was his “first choice” of columns in the newspapers. Thank you openly again for such confidence and assurance.

We are all in the business of sports, and are on the same page, wanting to see every sporting discipline rise to another level. Each has his/ her part to play in fostering an environment where sports will blossom.

To all who read my weekly expositions, all the best for the season.

This column, though, in this the season of giving and sharing, will not rest until that “Mound” at the Sion Hill Playing Field is completely removed.

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