On Target
December 23, 2009

From me to you!

It is that time again when the air is filled with merriment, peace and, of course, goodwill.

Yes, you better believe it, gee whiz, it’s Christmas.

What this also means is that another year of sporting activities has come and gone.{{more}}

There was also not much to shout about as mediocrity and under par returns characterized the last twelve months of sporting activities.

But, there was some space noted for recognition.

Delhonni Nicol-Samuel’s silver medal at the Junior Carifta Games in St. Lucia tops On Target’s list of recognition.

He placed second in the Men’s Under-20 5000m to capture the country’s lone medal, and his second in the annual regional youth athletics extravaganza.

Not to be left out was the creditable performance by the national Under-20 Football team in the Finals of the Caribbean Zone of the world cup competition.

It was an occasion worth reminiscing as it was the first time since 1979, when the senior football team became household names, that the nation had been rallied through sports, more so, youngsters.

The Under-20 team placed second to eventual Caribbean champions Jamaica, but their defeat of Haiti, the first by any national football outfit, was a moment in sporting history, great to savour.

The team went on to give a good account of themselves in a one off match against Honduras in Trinidad and Tobago, ahead of the CONCACAF Finals.

The senior cricketers made amends for their six-year drought and delivered an Independence gift to the nation by lifting the 2009 Windwards two-day competition which was hosted in St. Lucia.

No praise is insufficient for Adonal Foyle and his Kerosene Lamp Foundation for their yearly Basketball camp, and this year was no exception as the level of organization is worthy of emulation.

Additionally, the continued professional approach of the Bequia Basketball Association in the execution of its duties also gratifies on- lookers and lovers of excellence.

That is the most we can say that brought at least temporary smiles to Vincentians during the past sporting year.

The frowns were plenty, though.

The continued “bassa bassa” over the right to be called the Executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Body Building, Power Lighting Lifting and Fitness Federation was one of the most distasteful episodes during the past year.

Similarly, the almost stagnant state of Table Tennis fuelled by the in-house lack of motivation vies for the worst underachievers for 2009.

Also, the many sportsmen and women who are national products, and those aspiring so to be should not use this the Yuletide season to indulge in the excesses.

Instead, the period should be used to reflect on the not so good year that those who have been privileged to be called sporting ambassadors have had. A conscious time out of introspection on what was not done, and what should be done, to move from ordinary performers, then on to, and finally, stardom.

For this column, it has been another fruitful year. One filled with personal satisfaction that at least there is one reader each week who will choose to send an e-mail, a word to me whenever we interface, and in other forms, respond to my expositions.

Certainly, there have been lots of positives as On Target seeks to give praise where it is due, criticize when necessary, highlight the short comings of those entrusted with the task of administering sports in our blessed land, but most of all give plausible solutions to the many woes confronting the sporting community and, by extension, the region.

Sincerity , candidness and the desire to see sports thrive in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are the axes of this weekly column.

So let there be peace on Earth, and let that peace begin with you. Showing goodwill towards all men in this the festive season should be everyone’s priority, even to those who erected that “Mound” at the Sion Hill Playing Field.

Have a Merry Christmas all from me to you!

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