On Target
July 11, 2008
Sports playing mas too!

The Carnival celebrations have come and gone. For some it was too short, while for others it should have never come. And, there are those who could not care one way or the other.

But as it relates to sports here, mas is a permanent fixture, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days of each year.{{more}}

Sporting associations, especially, are some of the best designers and masmen as they ensure that theatre finds its way into the day-to-day operations or better still, their non-operations.

Since the early 1990’s, the country has not seen much war mas being portrayed. What a spectacle it was to see the re-enactment of some movies on stage at Victoria Park or through the streets of Kingstown!

But the Table Tennis Association has reminded us of this once savoured aspect. They have created a magnificent portrayal of “Missing In Action”. The sections the association are depicting are “Sports Crime”, “Desertion”, and “Defection”.

After fighting tooth and nail to get into office, the men with the stripes have resorted to do the disappearing act, and are nowhere to be found. May Day! May Day! May Day!

Also featured in this category of war mas is the merging of the big bards from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports.

Too many sections for one band, the two have teamed up to bring “Operation Stagnation”.

For certain, their interpretation of “Weapon of Mass Destruction” must be a strong contender for the title of King of the Bands, with the “Olive Branch” playing the Junior King.

Also featured in this band are sections “Relaxation Revolution”, “Cyberspace Warriors”, and “Solitaire Sentries”.

This band sports the biggest children and teenaged participation. However, unlike other masqueraders, they have no music to jump to, as none has been provided by the bands leaders. They just mill around in the mas tents with their costumes.

Being part of the fun, frolicking and bacchanal is the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association. They have taken to the streets with a J’Ouvert Band, more specifically, a paint band, called ‘RTR’ – Run Tennis Red.

Everything at that organization seems to have gone into the red. “Red Herring”, “Red handed”, and “Red rag”, are the more popular themes.

A well thought out and choreographed presentation, there is room for another depiction, “Red account”, as financial status of that association has coloured everything else, and the town has been painted red, red, red.

Also in the J’Ouvert segment is the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association. They have entered the Ole Mas category, with “Same Ole Khaki Pants”.

Cluttered with irony, the national club tournament has put on the same attire. With no effort of a satirical slant, the “expect more” has come to form. That unfinished phrase has been completed to read: Expect more default of matches. Like previous years, we have that old age problem of teams not showing up for their matches. Same, same, nothing new. Just pouring new wine in an old bottle.

On the other hand, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation has taken a liking to the Sailor Band, with their presentation of “Merry Sailors Ashore”.

Silent the guys are on the near mutiny facing the football ship, as an SOS is out for the sport. A distress call has been sent for a new Technical Director and Manager. But while the sailors are ashore having their merriment, two crew members have been reported to have gone overboard, unknown to the football fraternity.

Maybe the “Shipwreck”, could be the SVGFF’s next presentation.

But the good guys at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation chose the presentation of “The Nursery Rhymes and Ring Games we Love”.

Among their choices are “Hide and Seek”, “Three Blind Mice”, “Ole Mother Hubbard”, and “Ring a Roses”.

Blessed with some exceptional administrative talent, the Federation’s executive boasts three persons who have been at the helm of that organization for some time now. The three currently hold the top three positions, yet the sport’s mechanical gear has been put in regression.

They, too, have entered the category of Most Humourous Mas, as it has been laughs for ever more. The have chosen, “No more long Talk”, as their theme song as they parade gaily in camouflaged costumes.

A late entry to the competition was the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association. After years of not making mas, the association has decided to enter the fray to test and rub shoulders with the other heavyweights.

Their portrayal this year is a non-fancy presentation of “An Extract from Sleeping Beauty”.

Unfortunately, the leaders of this band have failed to plan properly, which has resulted in many of its masqueraders not reaching the judging points on time.

This has become a phenomenon of the band’s presentation for some time, but will not affect judging as there are points allocated for inefficiency. It is widely expected that they can score heavily in this category.

The judges, though, are still deliberating, as finding the coveted Band of the Year winner has been a difficult proposition, as each band stands a very good chance, as they bring with them their unique strength of weaknesses.

While the merry monarch King Carnival is tucked away until another year, Sports is playing Permanent Carnival.

Some are playing mas but are afraid of the powder. As it stands, who -E-hut-E-hut.

Again all ah dat is mas!

What is a mas for two years now is the erection of the Mound at the Sion Hil Playing Field.