On Target
July 29, 2005
Sporting holiday

July/August is the holiday season for most school children. Students are encouraged not to overlook their books however. So by the time school reopens in September, they are prepared.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be part of a different era when the school term starts. Returning students, to new institutions, or classes, will have plenty to talk about. {{more}}

SVG will be a hive of sporting activity peaking in August. The CBN Super Six Windward Islands Secondary School Games ends August 6. But that will be the beginning of lasting memories formed during the Games. It would also be a continuation of friendships nurtured in those same circumstances generations ago.

The building of regional integration and ties that bind take root at some of these inter-island gatherings, and spread into the wider community.

And don’t be surprised if leaders emerge in whatever form from the sporting programmes this year. Be it political, religious, business, or deeper sporting realms, the natural progression will flow.

The Caribbean Single Market and Economy is catering for at least a cosmetic attempt at the integration process. This is so because Caribbean people do not wait on the political administration to decide on matters of survival, or life enhancement.

In addition to the Windward Islands Secondary School athletes, St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be home to the best of the region’s Under 19 cricketers. And with the 2007 World Cup hours away, the platform could be set for a new star to emerge on the world stage.

The injection into the economy as a result of the influx of visitors would redound to the nation’s economy, vital to any struggling Caribbean territory. They are up against the onslaught of tough measures brought on by harsher requirements on security.

The recent bombings are not going to reduce the cost of living, so the Caribbean must adjust to changing lifestyles. And that does not relate to consumption habits, pattern of dress, or aspects of culture.

Vincentians have I am sure, awakened to the reality of the 2007 World Cup. With England, Australia, Holland and Zimbabwe lined up for Arnos Vale, there is a sudden curve in demand for accommodation in SVG.

The platform is laid for the enhancement of the region’s tourism sector with the avalanche of visitors on cards for the various sporting events, locally and regional.

The action is unfolding. Get ready to be part of the movie. Take in the trails, and hold on for the main event.