Halimah excellent
On Target
February 11, 2005
Halimah excellent

She seems to have been imbued with a touch of excellence, a trait manifested on the field of play as a youth. In her inimitable style, she continued that pattern of high accomplishment once enrolled as a student at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.

She is into her Masters Degree studies, while working as Research Assistant at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, and she tutors in English and Caribbean Civilisation.{{more}}

Her name is Halimah DeShong, destined to continue to etch her name in the annals of this country’s history in more spheres than one.

Halimah DeShong has established her name in the sporting hall of fame. She was a distinguished captain of the Under 23 squad, and performed her leadership role with resounding success. Inevitably she has made her mark at the Senior National level and had it not been for natural elevation to academic tasks, she might have been an entrenched member of the National squad.

But no matter where she puts her mind, DeShong emerges with flying colours.

She displayed that tendency last Saturday when entrusted with the role of feature speaker, she delivered herself with oratory and aplomb, to a packed Kingstown Methodist Church audience, and others viewing on television and listening on radio.

DeShong dwelt on the theme “excellence” and it fitted into her mode of operation.

“Excellence ought to be defined to encompass our ability to achieve outstanding results, not withstanding the myriad constraints, which we face as developing countries,” DeShong pointed out.

DeShong noted qualities, which help to produce excellence in people’s performances, such as defiance and determination. She also pointed out that while some persons may have been blessed with natural abilities, “realising the maximum value of these abilities require will power, discipline, dedication and guidance.”

She traced her development to her involvement in sports, and praised mentors like Joanne Ballantyne, Dellarice Duncan, Clothel Young, Skiddy Francis Crick for their “priceless contribution.”

DeShong encouraged excellence at schools, and with a number of the nation’s top athletes present, some anticipating awards, she extended the call to them as well.

She urged those present to continue the pattern of excellence. She pointed to celebrating the achievement of those who have brought glory to our nation, and also be aware of a history of our excellence.

“We should think in terms of a patchwork quilt where each generation forms a part, adding to this special fabric as we continue the tradition of excellence.”

DeShong noted that continued success in sports “will depend on the passion with which individual actors assume their roles.” She outlined that each person must strive for a high level of connectedness between body, mind and spirit.

One with a sense of the region’s history, DeShong draw on the roles of persons like Toussaint L’Ouverture, Marcus Garvey and Fidel Castro in comparison to achievements in the field of sports by icons like Garfield Sobers and Brian Lara.