On Target
October 15, 2004

Vincy Soccer – A big leap

St. Vincent and the Grenadines continue to dumbfound the soccer world. On the heels of a 7:0 thrashing at the hands of the Mexicans at the Pachuca Stadium in Mexico last week Wednesday, the Mexicans came to St. Vincent with a similar scoreline on their minds.

The Vincentians however promised differently and the Mexicans were pushed to limit by an inspired Vincentian squad. {{more}}

The Mexican goal came against the run of play. That style was one you might have expected from the Vincentians. It was a long ball, in a desperate move to counteract the rampaging Vincentians.

In a sense of commitment and depth of character, the Vincy Heat members failed to bow to the Mexicans’ onslaught.

They rebounded admirably, and dogged by the typical disease of failing to convert, the Vincentian lads had to endure a painful 1: nil loss. But they were certainly not disgraced. For having to play with ten men, from the 42nd minute, there was every likelihood that they would have crumbled.

Tribute to the lads, every last one. The world has to take stock. It seems unlikely still that SVG would qualify for the second round, but they are on course to finishing strongly.

Their performance at Arnos Vale on Sunday was a tremendous confidence booster. Holding the Mexicans to that scoreline was an accomplishment worthy of merit.

So in two games against the Mexicans, the Vincentians conceded two goals in 135 minutes. 45 minutes of those were in physically testing conditions in the high altitude Mexico. The signs were obvious to the die-hard Vincentian supporter that the Mexicans were not unbeatable.

Vincentians were treated to the luxury of seeing their team perform live from Mexico. Many lapped up the occasion with eager appetite. Therefore it was easy for the Vincentian analyst to assess the Mexicans. Once they were away from familiar conditions, the Mexicans found the going not what they were accustomed. Complaints of the air condition in the dressing room signaled that they were not comfortable.

But they are a professional outfit, endowed with all the technical and modern amenities to round off a well-knit unit.

The Vincentian spectators to the Mexico game left with a feeling of delight having seen their lads battle to try and salvage a point. They did not succeed in acquiring the addition to their tally, but they have won hearts. What a lift to our spirits as we approach our 25 anniversary. And that momentum can only take us forward from here. Whenever Vincy Heat hits the field, expect another blistering display.