Tribute to Catherine Elizabeth Pope
April 3, 2009
Tribute to Catherine Elizabeth Pope


by Lauramay Pope-Williams.

Funeral Service on 24/3/09 Biabou Methodist Church.

Mom, Granny, Catcho, father, friend,
We love and cherish you to the end,
To us you were almost everything,
We remember your care than anything,
For this we’d shout and sing,
Halleujah to the King.

The memories of you are pleasant,
Though life is very transient,
Lying there, you said, like a baby,
So I guess you got very weary.
Maybe your loved ones gone before,
Were anxiously standing at the door.

So you did not hesitate,
To enter into heaven’s gate.
You spent a long long time,
Fought very hard to get a dime,
Sometimes life was rough and tough,
Now God saw it was enough.

Over three score years and ten,
Was what God allotted to men.
Oh, oh, wat’a, wat’a pity,
Today you would’of had ninety.
With provision you went town,
And sometimes things were brown,
Providing for your family,
You spent a lot of energy,
Selling fish you coming home,
Until no more to roam,
Your selling had to end,
Just like your other friend.

You walked that rugged road,
With all that heavy load,
Then Smiles came with his bus,
You rode it without a fuss.
Slowly, others came galore,
Then went you near death’s door,
When over Belle Vue rock,
Your coffin door near knock.

No more hurrying, you,d wait,
On Smiles bus when it late,
Hurry bird nar buil’ good nest,
Man near to you was laid to rest,
You lived on and could’a tell,
That Smiles drive quite well,
And never, never you again,
Take other bus, sun or rain.

Sleep on, sleep on, our friend,
Now God has brought the end,
For sure we’d meet again,
O’er Jordan there’s no pain,
On Canaan’s happy land,
From now we’d start to plan.

I know we lost a sweet rose,
That moment your eyes close.
Oh how you sang out loud,
Heard Jesus in the cloud.
I’m going up, up, up,
Was not a bitter cup.

It was the rugged cross,
You cling to, never loss,
To exchange it for a crown,
Oh how you never frown.
Amen, amen, Amen,
I know we’d meet again,
In the land of milk and honey,
Up there we’d need no money,
All your labors now will cease,
And now you rest in peace.

Amen, Amen, so let it be,
Amen. Amen, Lord hear my plea.
Rest in peace Mom.
From all of us.