February 13, 2009


The family of Patrick ‘Ricky’ Marks express profound gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from friends, relatives and well wishers both at home and abroad who sent wreaths/flowers, cards and in any other way expressed sympathy on the passage to Glory of their beloved Son, Husband, Father and Brother.

Forever and Always
Why are you crying? Do you think I’m gone?
I haven’t left you. I’m where I belong.
Anytime you are lonely, anytime you are sad,
anytime that your heart breaks, anytime you are mad,
All you have to do is close your eyes
and I’ll be there with you.

You see, the world may take my body
but that’s all that it can do.
When Jesus died upon the cross,
He took away our sins.
He conquered death so we can live in heaven where life begins.
Don’t stop the memory of the time we shared.
It’s God’s way to help you through.

Take time to laugh when life gets hard,
the way we used to do!
A smell? A touch? The morning sun?
They all will help you see
I’m still here, I never left.
Now smile once more for me.
Live each day, keep looking up.

My life was not in vain.
I finished the task I was born to do;
That’s why I couldn’t remain.
Until I see you – I love you forever and always.