May 9, 2008
Julian McIntosh Eulogy: Life Reflection


Good afternoon to the Clergy, Distinguished Guests, Families, Relatives, and Friends. First of all I would like to give God thanks for sustaining our lives to make it possible for all of us to be here on this final farewell. For without God as our guide, we are indeed nothing.

I will like to take this moment to reflect on my dad’s life and his achievements that he was able to accomplish through out his life. Julian was born to Olive and James (who are all deceased) on April 22nd 1936 and departed on April 19th, 2008. He has six siblings that include five brothers (Basil, Leo, Patrick, Maurice and Delmore) and one sister Alverna. He also has three aunts (Jean, Alder and Agnetta), four uncles (Ridley, Reuben, Joseph, and Norton) and many nieces and nephews. Julian went to Primary School and later decided to learn a Trade. The trade that he chose and mastered was Masonry. Then he met Isola, who later became his loving, beautiful and supporting wife. They have been married for over forty-seven years and produced seven children that include four boys (Rocky, Philmore, Uthan and Clement) and three girls (Shawn, Sharon and Sarah). He also has three Sons-in-law (Lennox, Philmore and Andray), two Daughters-in-law (Carleen and Barbara), nineteen Grandchildren, three adopted grandchildren, Anthony, Shamik and Junel. Two great grandchildren, four adopted great grandchildren, nine Sisters-in-law (Edna, Carmel, Cynthia, Alvena, Norma, Jean, Shirley, Carmen and Pearlette (who is now deceased)) and two Brothers-in-law (Myran and Kennedy).{{more}}

At one point or another, all of us have referred to my father as Julian, Julie, Cousin Julie, Uncle Julie, Pops, Dad, Grandpa and Mr. Mac. We were all so proud of him for living such a superb, humble, and exceptional life. I am so thankful to be born into such a strong and loving family. There is nothing that can replace what I have with this family nor let me abandon or give up on them. Julian was a well-respected member of the local and international community because he was easy going and always wore a smile on his face. Throughout his simple life that brought him success, he learned to care for and nurtured his family, relatives, and friends. When I look around in this church and outside, I see a family and friends joined in unity and harmony. If we can come together, for this final day, then lets treat everyday as a blessed day. Since our days are numbered on this earth, let’s try to be like my dad and strive to be compassionate, friendly, respectful, loving, caring, and very supportive. Let us build our future on someone who achieved his goals, and make him our example in life, because we need to be proud of who we are and stand firm for what we truly believe in.

I am so proud of my dad, who is also my dearest friend, to see not only what he accomplished and achieved, but also where he reached in life. All of us can strive to be successful in life, but it depends on our drive and determination because the race is not for the swift but for those who can endure to the end. Julian made a living as a Mason, Contractor, and Builder. Mr. Karl and Patricia Fischer saw truth, loyalty, honesty, determination, and motivation in Julie and his family. These were the qualities that were instrumental in achieving such a successful career. Martin Luther King Jr once wrote that he had a Dream, but Julian had a vision. He had a goal and an aim in life and no one was going to stop him from seeing his vision, especially with a loving and supportive wife by his side every step of the way. Julian was the type of worker who knew what needed to be done and completed every job with a sense of urgency and to the best of his ability. Julian made life look so easy and simple, but that was far from the truth. He had that desire and determination that enabled him to accomplish his tasks. In spite of all this, he never complained because he knew that in order to make his vision a reality, he had to make sacrifices. If that meant he had to work 7 days a week or go hungry, he was willing to do that because of his convictions, faith, and perserverance. As a mason, you know that the key to building a strong home is to have a strong foundation. Julie was the foundation of this family that kept us strong. My father led by example as to how we should live all our lives. We have no excuses for failure because he has shown us how to be successful in our endeavors while taking care and providing for his family.

During one of my dad’s last days, he told his family exacted how he wanted to be buried. He provided the measurements for his coffin, and information for the construction of his burial site. My dad was truly a Mason and a Builder to the very end.

My dad’s name represented the following attributes:


As a proud daughter, wife, and mother, I would like to say a hearty thank you to everyone here, especially those who have traveled far and near distances to pay final tribute to the man that they loved and adored. Many members traveled from St. Vincent, Barbados, Trinidad, Antigua, St. Lucia, Bermuda, St. Croix, USA, Canada, and England. I must say thanks again and God Bless. In closing, my father was an exceptional Dad, a Faithful husband, a Loving brother, a best friend that anyone could ever ask for, and last but not least you were and always will be my Hero. To you Dad, God Bless, we love you, and rest in peace.

On behalf of the McIntosh family, we would like to announce that the Julian McIntosh educational trust fund will be established for the purpose of providing scholarships to needy students from Bequia who desire to study building and construction. To qualify, the student must be attending a technical or community college. More information will be forthcoming prior to the new school term in September.