January 25, 2008


Lloyd Alphonso “Lazarus, lazo, Hawkie, My Lord” Samuel was born on 29th of September 1974. He was the second of Four Children. His Mother is Sandra Samuel and Father is Lloyd “Lord Hawk” Providence (deceased). He was a very good son.

He attended the Kingstown Preparatory School, where he actively participated in various school activities. Many times you could find him on the football field or in the river molesting tadpoles. He later migrated to the USA, where he attended the Wingate High School. During his years at high school, his mother was often told about his intelligence and wit. He spent a few more years in the USA, during which he fathered his first child. He returned to SVG where he was determined to paddle his own canoe. He always said he would never work a 9-5, so he became an entrepreneur, where he sold clothing, oils, Afrocentric products and jewelry. He became intrigued with the Rastafari Movement; he was a very active member and dedicated a lot of his time to reading and debating his ideas and opinions. For this New Year he had a lot of plans to revitalize our business and set a better foundation for his family. He was very outspoken, loving and kind. His heart was pure and clean and he shared his all with his family and friends. Nothing was ever too good to share. He tried very hard each day to be a better person and to some extent, this left room for the evildoers to capture his physical. He was not like them.

He left behind a wonderful loving family, friends and children, including Lloyd Jr. in the USA, Lloyd, Philipe Imani and Ziah King, Kelroy in Trinidad, Jahfari and Tafari Samuel, Isis Samuel and Jeremiah Pompey all in SVG. Also a loving Empress, who stuck by his side through the thick and thin. Baby, you are gone physically, but will never be forgotten. Your name and irits will live on in your children and in our hearts forever and ever.