October 6, 2006


Gary Clouden

November 10, 1983 – September 12, 2006

In memory of my dear brother and friend.

My Dearest Brother Gary, I don’t know where to start or end. Should I talk about the complex and private person that you were with so many facets to your personality? Speaking of beauty, yours was found under a sometimes rough exterior. You remind me of a blackberry bush, you have to wade into the bush and all its thorns, getting your hands dirty and torn on the thorns, to get to the sweetest fruit found only on the inside…you were that fruit to me, Gary. Should I talk about you and me and all the mischief we got into together? Probably not.

I probably ought to talk about your being so excited about your expected child. Saffia is a strong and competent young lady and there is probably not a lot I can do to help her but I’ll be there for her and do whatever I can to help with my niece. Actually, the whole family promises to be there for here and help to raise her. {{more}}

We are just very thankful to God that you still managed to leave a part of you behind. I’ll also make sure to let our mother knows how much you loved her. I know your father would be very happy to see you. He’ll probably say, “Boy wey you doing here?”

I will think of you often but I know that I must move on. Had I known that on my last phone conversation with you, that it would be the last, I probably would have told you all the things I had to but that’s what we do, we wait until it’s too late before we realize the decisions we should have made. The last thing you said to me was that you missed me, yet look at how life turns itself around.

You and I both know that your life wasn’t an easy one. I don’t expect all the people at your funeral to understand. You and I both know, they don’t—how could they? But I do expect them to understand that there is a reason for everything. And that in spite of whatever opinions they have had, you were a great person. As we all do, you slipped up sometimes during the course of your life, but that made you no worse than any one of else. After all, we have all come short of the glory of God.

I guess this letter will just have to do for now until I see you again. You will be in my prayers, I will think of you often, and I will love you forever.

Until we meet again my brother; Rest in peace.