March 10, 2006

Tributes to Glenn Jackson

The one who put the sun into our sky

Who made every function so much alive

He was a true leader, they may say

Now it pains the heart to see him go away.

He was a handsome man with very big dreams

But someone didn’t acknowledge that, so it seems

Whether it was for politics, his job or money,

It doesn’t matter, he was like an uncle to me.

I don’t think that anyone could replace him

For what he had was something from deep within

I think he should be named a national hero

For he was one of the best men Vincentians will ever know

Without permission they put him to rest

But whom we love, God loves them best

Our very own, the only one,

Glenn Jackson is now gone.




N-Never to return

By Shafika Burke Form 3-GHS

Glenn, we miss you, Who will shake us up?

Stimulate, educate, be provocative and entertaining

With topical issues?

That quick and sharp intellect –

Cut to the chase – no nonsense approach –

I loved that.

That search for the truth – The beautiful and clever interviews.

That joie de vivre! No one else on radio could move people

and mobilize them to action like you did!

Oh that we could have had you for a longer time – But in God we trust.

Rest in the arms of the Lord, Glenn!

And may justice roll down like thunder – In Jesus’ name!

Despite the shock, grief and sadness, we are remembering

You and the joy and pride you had in doing what

You loved and doing it so well!

You have left your mark.