March 10, 2006



My friend and soul-mate Selda Small was born in the town of Layou on September 28th, 1946. When she was only five years old, she came to live with her aunty Ada and uncle Edly at Murray’s Village where I lived also. We became friends almost instantly and remained closely bonded until her death on February 24th, 2006. We attended the Richmond Hill School and moved from class to class until she obtained her School Leaving Certificate. Upon leaving school, Selda worked at a number of business places including Corea’s where she spent many years as a cashier.

Selda was a lovely person, a caring mother and grandmother who always had time to listen and help anyone in need of her attention. She loved the Lord and was a staunch Methodist. Her love for singing led her to become a member of the Kingstown Methodist Choir in 1982.

We had lots of fun growing up and our friendship flourished even as we got older. Selda was jovial and would come up with the funniest jokes at times, like occasions when we went driving in the countryside, she would be looking for the fattest goat or sheep along the roadside, then she would slow down the vehicle and say to me, “throw that one in the trunk”.

We spent many vacations together in the USA, but she never accepted my numerous invitations to stay on. She never liked the fast pace of New York. When she visited me in 2004, she told me that was going to be her last trip, indeed it was. Shortly after she got back home, she took sick and was in and out of Hospital until her sad departure.

Our friendship has been good to us through the years as we were always there for each other, understanding and caring in a way that only good friends can. During our last telephone conversation, she assured me that all was well, not to worry as she was going to meet her Jesus. May she rest in peace.

Ursula Edwards.