October 28, 2005


By Masika

Albert, ever since I met you, I’ve always felt safe and secure.

You made me feel wanted and never ever rejected.

Never before have I met someone who never said no.

Albert you were one of a kind.

In fact you were probably too kind.

You lent a hand to whoever was in need,

And to everyone you were a true friend in deed.

I asked myself again and again,

How did I end up with someone like you?

Someone who was kind-hearted, loving and true.

Sometimes I even looked at others take advantage of you.

The years I spent with you were the best years of my life.

The things I’ve shared with you, I’ll share with no one else.

You completed me like no other, and you can never be replaced.

The only regret I have is that you never accomplished many of the things you wanted to achieve.

But now that you are gone, I hope that you’ll find peace.

How can I say good-bye to you?

How can I let you go?

Tell me how can I go on without you by my side?

If only you could have stayed a bit longer.

Why did you have to ask God to take you that night?

Why do you leave so many to cry?

Even though you have departed,

With no one you will be parted.

My heart and the hearts of many are still aching,

For what it means to love you,

No one will ever know.

May you find peace and happiness.

ALBERT KNIGHTS-The name we will always remember.

ALBERT KNIGHTS-The man we will never forget.

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