July 23, 2004

The Campbell, Comas and Straker family wish to say thanks to the Rev Dr. Marcus Roberts and members of Calvary Cathedral of Praise in Brooklyn, New York, USA, the co- workers of our beloved Muriel, the Rev. Bridgett Comas, Ministers and members of Queens Village, New Testament Church of God, Queens Village, New York, USA, Rev. Aubrey Brown and members of Showers of Blessings Church of God Long Island, NY, USA, Rev. Alric Skeritt and members of St. Mary’s Anglican Church Pembroke, Buccament, St. Vincent, the Rev. Wilmouth and members of the Western Harper, Holiness Church Du Bois, and all our friends and the very large number of our relatives for your prayers, flowers, cards and support
deriving from the passing of our beloved: daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, sister in law, niece and cousin Muriel.

We miss you Muriel
But we know you have passed from death unto life 1 John 3:14
Lovingly submitted
Beloved brother
The Rev. Dr. Robert Comas