NDP, Supervisor of Elections  hold dialogue
May 31, 2024

NDP, Supervisor of Elections hold dialogue

Leader of the Opposition and president of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Dr Godwin Friday met with the supervisor of elections, Dora James, on Thursday May 23, 2024 to dialogue on matters pertaining to the voters list.

The meeting, held at the office of the NDP leader, was at the request of the Supervisor of Elections to give an update of the plans of the electoral office to expunge the voters list and to solicit the cooperation of the NDP in the process, a release from the party states.

Dr Friday noted that the electoral office must ensure that there is integrity during the removal of names from the voters list and that no voter should be disenfranchised.

Questions were also raised about the composition of the voters list, the registration process, and the procedure that is used to remove the names of persons who have died from the voters list.

The supervisor of elections committed to doing all in her power to produce an accurate voters list and to continue the dialogue with the NDP.

Also present at the meeting were (NDP) vice president Major St. Clair Leacock; chairman Daniel Cummings; and secretary general, Brenton Smith.