Layou man gets 15 years prison time for chopping his friend
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April 19, 2024

Layou man gets 15 years prison time for chopping his friend

A judge has told a Layou man who pleaded for forgiveness that “You only have yourself to blame,” after sentencing him to 15 years in prison for chopping another man about his body.

Andrew Badnock appeared at the High Court before Justice Brian Cottle on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, where he was sentenced to prison for unlawfully and maliciously wounding Delroy Bibby with intent to do so, on July 2, 2022 at Layou.

Before the facts were read, Badnock, who was given the opportunity to make a statement before he was sentenced, asked the court “to give me some forgiveness”.

“I am very sorry on what happened on this day,” Badnock said.

He further asked the court to consider that he was not “in and out” of prison. He referred to a time when someone was placed on a bond for busting his head, and that he “never do him anything” to seek revenge.

Justice Cottle said that Badnock pleaded not guilty to the charge of wounding with intent at his arraignment, went through a full trial, and was found guilty by a jury. The facts read that Badnock and Bibby, also a Layou resident, were friends. However on the date in question, Bibby threw some bottles at Badnock and pushed him off his bicycle.

Badnock rode away and returned with a cutlass. He threw two stones at Bibby, then chopped him about his body. Badnock then approached Bibby a second time and chopped him about his body again resulting in multiple lacerations and fractures. Bibby has suffered from stiffness in his right hand, despite having received therapy. Cottle informed the court that the maximum sentence for this offence is life imprisonment which equates to 30 years. He said that the court considered the physical harm that Bibby has suffered, and that there was some level of premeditation.

The judge then placed the offence in Category two, Level A, and began sentencing with a starting point of 50% of the maximum sentence, which equates to 15 years. Aggravating of the offence was that Badnock disposed of the weapon which was not recovered. Mitigating of the offence was that there was great provocation caused by Bibby.

Aggravating of the offender is that Badnock has previous convictions, two of which involve the use of a cutlass; and one conviction for wounding with intent. His last conviction was in 2012. Mitigating of the offender is that he expressed remorse for his actions. The court found that none of these factors outweighed each other, and so the sentence was not adjusted.

Time spent on remand, which equated to five months, and 14 days was deducted from the sentence. Badnock will serve a remainder of 14 years, six months, and 16 days in prison.

Justice Cottle told Badnock, “You only have yourself to blame for this situation.” He added that Badnock could have walked away, or reported the matter to the police, but instead he chose to wound Bibby on two separate occasions.

Crown Counsel, Alana Cumberbatch represented the Crown in this matter. Badnock was unrepresented.