Grammar School Harvests its second batch of Chickens
A student cleaning one of the slaughtered chickens
March 19, 2024
Grammar School Harvests its second batch of Chickens

The St Vincent Grammar School yesterday March 18, 2024, slaughtered a second batch of broilers as it does its part to promote food and nutrition security.

Forty two students have been engaged in the poultry production project which falls within the school’s Agriculture Science Programme. The first batch of chickens was slaughtered for clients in December, 2023.

Agriculture Science Teacher, Brendon Bique, said the programme began this academic year with students gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the rearing of broiler chickens.

Bique said the students have shown great enthusiasm, particularly in the practical element of the programme which they hope to offer to other students in the future. The school’s Headmaster, Colin Sam said this programme forms part of the school’s thrust towards diversifying the curriculum.

He projects that the programme can play a role in developing the next generation of farmers who can help preserve this country’s food and nutrition security.