Vincymas being promoted in Trinidad and Tobago
During the T&T Carnival parade, brand ambassadors activated promotions at a Vincymas branded booth on the famous entertainment strip, Ariapita Avenue
February 9, 2024
Vincymas being promoted in Trinidad and Tobago

The Carnival Development Corporation has embarked on a series of marketing and promotional activities in Trinidad and Tobago during the peak period of their 2024 Carnival celebrations.

Marketing Coordinator Esworth ‘Ezzie’ Roberts, and President of the Youlou Pan Movement Rodney Small are the two main persons representing the CDC in this venture, a CDC release states.

They will kickstart the campaign with an interview on the ‘Breaking Dawn’ morning programme today, Friday February,9, 2024. Other interviews would be done on various radio and television stations as well. A Vincymas booth would be in operation at the Brunch on Soca event where Vincymas branded paraphernalia would be distributed and set up at the venue. This event will be hosted for the second time in Trinidad and is scheduled to take place on Sunday February,11,2024 in Chaguaramas. The CDC said it is grateful to Hova’s Marketing team for allowing the CDC to promote the Vincymas brand at their event.

On Carnival Monday and Tuesday, February 12 & 13, a Vincymas branded Cabana will be erected outside Synergy Tv’s compound on Ariapita Avenue, in the area popularly known as the ‘Synergy Stage.’ LED Screens would also be in place to promote Vincymas, and interviews would be done which will be broadcast live on their television station. Persons who visit the cabana would be given Vincymas paraphernalia, and would be able to scan and use the Vincymas QR code which would grant them access to Vincymas’ website, Facebook and Instagram pages. The CDC said promotions for the ICC World Cup Cricket will also be done since it would be taking place in St. Vincent during the month of June and the aim is to get visitors to come and stay over for Vincymas. Other activities to be done as part of the marketing & promotion campaign in Trinidad are publications of an article each in the Guardian Newspaper, and on the Loop TT news Vlog.

At the end of the campaign in Trinidad two half hour Vincymas sponsored carnival coverage videos would be released. These would be published on One Caribbean News television station and on other networks throughout the Caribbean the USA, Canada, and the UK. Roku and Apple TV are two international streaming platforms that were selected to air this coverage as well.

A new Vincymas television commercial was created and is currently on rotation on Synergy TV and this will soon be on rotation on local television stations in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Vincymas 2024 would commence on Friday June, 28, and culminate on Tuesday July 9, 2024.