World Paediatric Project kicks off Missions for 2024
FROM LEFT: General Surgical Team – Atyna Harry: WPP SVG Program Assistant, Sheree Dyer: WPP O.R Nurse, Dr. Eric Casella: Paediatric Anaesthesiologist Fellow, Sherri-Ann John: WPP SVG Country Representative, Dr. Jeffrey Lukish: Paediatric General Surgeon, Dr. Jasmine Ellis-Davy: Paediatric General Surgeon, Dr. Teorodo Reyes: Paediatric Anaesthesiologist, Sigmund Wiggins: WPP SVG Program Director
January 19, 2024
World Paediatric Project kicks off Missions for 2024

The World Paediatric Project (WPP) kicked off their activities for the year at the weekend by hosting the general surgery team at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

It is the first mission team for 2024 and has been progressing smoothly, a release from WPP states.

The team held their general surgery clinic at the hospital on Sunday January, 14, when 37 children were assessed, and 16 surgeries scheduled for January 15-18. The total number of patients seen on clinic day included both local and regional families from St. Lucia, Dominica, and Grenada.

This small, yet proficient team was led by Paediatric General Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Lukish. The team also comprised Dr. Teodoro Reyes, Paediatric Anaesthesiologist; Dr Eric Casella, Paediatric Anaesthesiologist Fellow; and Sheree Dyer, operating room (OR) Nurse.

Assisting the team was local Paediatric General Surgeon Dr. Jasmine Ellis-Davy as well as staff nurses and OR nurses from the MCMH.

“We’ve been able to provide some outstanding care with our Paediatric Anaesthesia and Nursing team,” Dr Lukish is quoted as saying.

He added that operations thus far have been going smoothly and hoped to finish the surgical week on the same note.

“We are all happy to be here as part of the World Paediatric Project team supporting the healthcare needs of the children of this area.”

Dr Jasmine Ellis-Davy who partners closely with Dr. Lukish shared the same sentiments stating that “this mission has been going well.”

Among the surgeries scheduled were two Nuss procedures, for patients with a condition called Pectus excavatum, a deformity of the sternum/ribcage area, as well as a few other simpler cases. (The procedure was invented in 1987 by Dr Donald Nuss).

Dr Ellis-Davy expressed her gratitude to the sponsors of this mission and everyone who makes the missions possible.

WPP said it also is grateful to the Mustique Charitable Foundation and Trinity School of Medicine for sponsoring this mission and their continuous support in making a difference in the lives of Caribbean children.

The mission departs the state on the weekend having completed surgeries on Thursday.