Security officer fined for assault and threats to family members
Kevin Neil
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September 29, 2023

Security officer fined for assault and threats to family members

A man who struck his father in the head and used threatening language against his brother was fined and upbraided by a magistrate for not honouring his responsibility of “de-escalating confusion” as a security officer.

When Kevin Neil told the court that he works as a security officer at the Kingstown Central Market, he was scolded by the magistrate for appearing before the court for matters concerning assault.

“…You are somebody with a lot of responsibility placed in your hands, somebody who is supposed to de-escalate confusion, no? That is what a security officer supposed to do.”

Neil, who hails from Penniston pleaded guilty that on September 2, 2023 in a public place, the Penniston Public Road, he did make use of threatening language, “Ah must cut out yo belly” to his brother Alric Neil of Penniston.

He was also charged that on September 22, 2023 at did assault his father Kenny Hamilton of Penniston causing actual bodily harm.

When Prosecutor, Acting Corporal Corlene Samuel presented the facts on the first incident concerning the usage of threatening language, the court heard that Alric knows Kevin very well as they are brothers and had been living together for some period of time. However, Kevin moved out because of an altercation that occurred between the two of them.

About 3:30 am, Alric was walking on the Penniston Public Road when Kevin approached him and asked for $150 to compensate for his cellphone which he claimed was damaged by Alric’s stepson.

Alric refused to give Kevin the money and offered to go to the station so that they could settle the matter there. However, Kevin responded, “I’m not going to no station, ah must cut out yo belly.”

As a result, Alric reported the matter to the police.

In relation to the other charge, Kenny Hamilton was at a shop in Penniston at about 8:15 pm and was sitting with his back turned to the road. After feeling a touch to his neck, he turned around, and noticed his son Kevin, then the two of them got into an argument.

Kevin pulled a piece of iron from his waist and struck his father to the back of his head causing an injury. Kevin was then taken to the police station and charged. On September 18, at the Vermont Police Station, he gave a statement denying the allegations.

When the facts were read, in court Kevin said that he did not use any object to strike his father, but used his hand instead.

There are no sentencing guidelines for using threatening language against someone, so the magistrate fined Neil $300 to be paid in two weeks with a default of two weeks in prison.

The magistrate then referred to the sentencing guidelines for Neil’s offence of assault, the consequences and seriousness of the offence, and that Neil has had no previous convictions before the court.

Therefore he was ordered to compensate his father $500 in one month with a default of one month imprisonment. He was also placed on a one year bond in the sum of $1,500 with a default of six months imprisonment.