Math lover, Kaiden James places 10th overall in CPEA (+Video)
KAIDEN JAMES (centre), with his parents Kentish and Christina James.
June 16, 2023
Math lover, Kaiden James places 10th overall in CPEA (+Video)

Adjectives like happy, and elated, are what Kaiden Mateo James used to describe how he felt when he heard he had placed 10th overall and eighth for boys in the 2023 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

The Sugar Mill Academy student who lives in Belvedere with his parents Christina and Kentish James told SEARCHLIGHT he was in the living room at home when he heard the good news.

“I did not really expect to be in the top 10,” he said on Tuesday during the interview, while noting that his parents, teachers and his own effort propelled him into the position as one of this year’s top CPEA performers.

Kaiden said also that the extra classes he had with his mother, a secondary school Mathematics teacher, helped him also and now, he will be taking up his spot as a student at the Saint Vincent Grammar School (SVGS).

He said he has no special reason for wanting to attend the SVGS, other than it is one of the top secondary schools in the state.

A lover of Football, Basketball and Table Tennis, and with Portuguese forward Ronaldo being his favourite footballer, Kaiden said that leading up to the exams he read his notes over and over and did past papers at school and at home.

His advice to persons who want to do well is, “always complete work and never rush into it.”

The energetic lad said he gained 96% in Mathematics, 94% for Social Studies, 92% for Science and 82% for language.

“My favourite subject is Maths because it was the first subject I ever did … the exam was challenging but I got through it,” he said.

Kaiden’s Mom told SEARCHLIGHT that she was very excited when she heard of his performance.

“We did a lot of preparation, so in the end I think that all the work paid off. I was a little bit surprised. I was looking for top 20, top 10 was a bit much but I am so happy that he did it,” the smiling mother stressed.

The lad’s father said he feels “really good” and “really proud” of what his

son has achieved, “… like any father would.”

“I expected it because I know his ability. I know what he could do so when I saw it I was like ‘wow’ he did well,” Kentish commented.

He noted also that parents should always encourage their children and keep pushing them.

“Push them to always do better, but don’t pressure them too much; and it is important that they are relaxed, not too relaxed, but when they are comfortable they do better,” the father of three said.