Old Montrose man shot in his thigh by camouflaged assailant
October 14, 2022
Old Montrose man shot in his thigh by camouflaged assailant

The police are seeking the help of the public to obtain information which help their investigation into a shooting incident that left a 20 year old man of Old Montrose nursing a gunshot wound.

In a release, the police said the shooting which happened on Monday, October 10, left Zendaa Badnock warded at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) with a gunshot wound to his left thigh.

According to the release, reports are that the victim was “on the block” in Old Montrose when a masked man dressed in full camouflage approached and open fire on him before fleeing the scene.

Badnock reportedly ran to the MCMH to seek medical attention and is currently in stable condition, the police said.

They are asking anyone with information that can assist with the investigation to contact the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crimes at (784) 457-1211 or the Officer in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department/Major Crimes Unit at (784) 456-1810 or any Police Station or Police Officer who they are comfortable speaking with. The police have given the assurance that all information would be dealt with confidentially.