Fort Charlotte to undergo restoration work
Canon pointing in land at Fort Charlotte
September 9, 2022
Fort Charlotte to undergo restoration work

The historic Fort Charlotte will undergo extensive restoration and upgrades under a regional initiative funded by the World Bank.

Currently the work is in its design phase under the OECS Regional Tourism Competitiveness Project, the Agency for Public Information (API) said in a release. The changes include provision of a display area for the (re-enactment of historical events), a complete restoration of the courtyard as well as amenities for visitors. The restoration work is estimated to cost between US$1.7 and US$2 million.

Minister of Tourism, Carlos James said the restoration of Fort Charlotte is part of a wider initiative to rehabilitate a number of forts across the country and to enlighten visitors about their history.

He also identified other recreational sites that are scheduled for renovations as well. Among these are facilities at the Brighton Salt Pond beach, and the board walk at Indian Bay.

Coordinator of the OECS Regional Tourism Competitiveness Project, Christo Primus along with minister James, and officials from the World Bank visited Fort Charlotte on Friday, September 2.

Work at the Fort is scheduled to run from late November this year to September, 2023. The initial construction of Fort Charlotte began in 1763 and was completed and named in 1806.