Dad from  Overland wins half million lotto jackpot
LIONEL BROWNE (right), the winner of the National Lotteries jackpot, receiving his $595,000 cheque from Mc Gregor Sealey (left), NLA general manager
September 6, 2022
Dad from Overland wins half million lotto jackpot

A resident of Overland has landed the most recent National Lotteries jackpot amounting to EC$595,000.

Lionel T Browne did not allow much time to elapse when he discovered on Saturday, August 27, that he had landed the windfall. By Monday, August 29 Browne presented himself at the headquarters of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) with his ticket bearing the winning numbers: 6,10,18,19,21. At the presentation ceremony last week Monday, Browne reportedly a father of four, disclosed that he always plays those numbers, but that weekend he changed the outlet from which he frequently purchases his tickets.

He shared that on the Saturday morning he went to purchase 3-D and to find out what were the winning numbers for the lotto. He discovered that he had four of the numbers but could not recall whether he had the last winning number until he returned home and checked his ticket.

“I had to dig me eye twice”,when he realised that he had all the numbers. He said he “felt light” about his lucky chance given that he had never won. Browne, who resides alone in the house of his mother who lives abroad, intends to spend some of his winnings on his youngest children aged 5 and 8 years and to seek to get his own abode.

“I have to look for something for myself, close my own door,” he commented as he sat flanked by NLA General Manager, Mc Gregor Sealey and Product Development Officer/PRO, Anthony Dennie.

Congratulating Browne on his big win, Sealey noted that the latest lotto jackpot winner was getting the entire amount “no taxes” will be deducted, “nothing is going to come from it”.

While noting that Browne is the one who will make the ultimate decision on how he spends his winnings, Sealey nevertheless advised that if he invests some of the money in his children’s education, it will be money well spent.