Candlelight vigil held in Owia for slain resident
Residents of Owia held a candlelight vigil for Rohan “Charla” Rawlins (inset left)
August 25, 2022
Candlelight vigil held in Owia for slain resident

The usual lively atmosphere in Owia was transformed to one of grief and mourning on Tuesday, as residents held a candle light vigil for slain community man, Rohan ‘Charla’ Rawlins.

Rawlins who was also called ‘Papers’, was shot and killed on Monday August 15.

The shooting took place in the New Rose Place community at Lowmans Leeward .

Rawlins was reportedly sitting on the porch of Yashima ‘Diver’ Fitzpatrick’s house, when he was killed in broad daylight.

Fitzpatrick claims that he did not know Rawlins.

On Tuesday, August 23, residents of Owia came out and showed just how much they loved Rawlins.

Although originally from Greggs, the fisherman/farmer had lived in Owia for a number of years.

Residents in the area said he was well known and well loved.

Many persons are still expressing condolences to his family.

Police are still investigating the killing.